Children learn by active participation in hands on learning experiences.  Your child will be offered a variety of activities to enhance his/her developmental needs.  Building Blocks provides a planned, structured program consisting of a daily lesson plans with specific times for specific activities.  However, flexibility is built into the program to provide for those teachable moments, which are so important for children.  On a normal day, your child would have choices from the following activities:

  • Center activities including Housekeeping, Dramatic play, Manipulatives, Blocks, Books, Art, Science and Math, Music and Computers, Sand and Water
  • Teacher directed activities including music and movement, language development, math experiences, art, science and sensory exploration, and free play
  • Nap and rest periods. Each child will have a place and time for naps and rest
  • Snacks and lunch. A nutritious lunch and wholesome snacks are provided throughout the day
  • Outside Play is provided twice a day, weather permitting

Your child will receive a monthly calendar and newsletter from his/her teacher.  This newsletter will provide information about the upcoming activities of each month.

Developmental evaluations will be completed twice a year in the fall and spring.  A parent conference will be set up upon completion of each evaluation.  If a conference is needed in between these evaluations, please let you child's teacher know.

If concerns arise, we invite and encourage you as parents to become active participants in working out a solution or plan of action.

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