Family-School Relations

Parent participation is a vital and integral part of the Building Blocks program. We have an open-door policy and parents are welcome to visit our program at any time without notice.  If you decide to visit, please be sure to check in with the office when you arrive.

Parents’ concerns or suggestions should be directed to the Director or Owner through a scheduled appointment or telephone conference. Since the classroom teacher is responsible for all the children in her care, it is best to schedule a time when she can leave the classroom and engage in a detailed discussion about your child.

Numerous activities will be provided to encourage interaction between parent, teacher and child. These activities include parties, field trips, receptions and parent conferences. We urge you, as parents, to take a few minutes each day to talk with the teachers and watch your child interact with his/her friends. Get to know us and your child's friends.

To foster healthy parent/teacher communication, we ask that you refrain from using your cell phone when visiting the center.  It is important for your child’s teacher to share with you information about your child’s activities and it is difficult to do so if you are engaged in a phone conversation.  We respectfully ask your understanding and cooperation as we strive to minimize disruptions to our environment and promote respectful relationships. 

We use the term parent on this Web site to describe an actual parent, a legal guardian, such as a grandparent or other relative, or any other legally designated care provider.

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