Building Blocks consistently earns a superior rating on its semi-annual sanitation inspection. Although county sanitation requirements are not a part of the star rated license, Building Blocks continually goes above and beyond what is required by the county in an effort to maintain the healthiest, safest and most sanitary environment possible.

  • Floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed daily
  • Trash is emptied several times each day
  • Carpets are cleaned every 60 days
  • All tile floors are stripped and waxed quarterly
  • Toys are sanitized throughout the day with a solution of bleach and water to eliminate the spread of
    potentially contagious conditions
  • Cribs and nap mats are individually labeled and are never shared between children
  • Sheets for infants are laundered daily and for older children, weekly

All food preparation areas are diligently maintained for the health and safety of all children.  Hand washing procedures are strictly followed at all times. Diapering and toileting are executed in a sanitary manner using gloves and washing hands (children's and staff's) after any contact with bodily fluid.

All staff are trained in the area of Sanitation of Child Care Centers as defined by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and are conscientious at all times regarding the sanitation of the facility.

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