Outdoor Play

All children, including infants, will have the opportunity to enjoy vigorous outdoor play every day, weather permitting.  Weather permitting means that there is no active precipitation and the temperature is between 32 and 90 degrees.  Building Blocks is extremely proud of its different playgrounds which offer a variety of developmentally appropriate gross motor activities including climbing, jumping, swinging, riding tricycles and other riding toys, throwing, catching, kicking and running.  Because we have different playgrounds, each individual age group has ample outdoor time without the worry of bigger or smaller children sharing that same space.

Children should come to the center fully able to participate in all scheduled daily activities.  Children who cannot enjoy outdoor time due to a mild illness should not attend the facility that day.  Building Blocks does not have the necessary staff for one or two children to remain inside while the rest of the class goes outside to play.  All children should wear clothing appropriate for vigorous play including closed-toe shoes to allow them the freedom to enjoy their playground time without potential injury to their feet.

The Building Blocks staff provides teacher directed activities during outdoor time to encourage a feeling of cooperation and sportsmanship among the children.  Socialization and small and large muscle development are the focus of our daily outdoor learning times.

From time to time, the children can also take part in special outdoor activities such as "Summer Splash Days" and gardening activities.
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