Building Blocks will administer medicine authorized by your physician. The medicine must have a pharmacy label on it that clarifies the specific dosage for your child. We will administer over the counter medication, but only if the proper medication authorizations form is completed. Because administration of medication poses an extra responsibility for the staff with added liability as well, Building Blocks prefers NOT to administer any medication for your child. However, we realize that occasionally medication is necessary. The medication will be stored in the classroom in the locked medication box and the medication forms will be stored in the classroom as well. The only staff authorized to administer any medication (other than diaper cream or sunscreen) is the Center Director. If the Center Director is not available, then the Assistant Director will administer the medication and if neither person is immediately available the Nutritionist will be the last staff member authorized to administer the medication. The Assistant Director will go through all medication boxes when closing each Friday afternoon and ensure that ALL medication has been either sent home or disposed of. When medication is needed we will administer medication only when the following conditions are met:

  • Medication must be in the original prescription container and bear the name of the child to whom it is being given. We WILL NOT administer medication from a sibling, etc. under any circumstances.
  • Medication must be stored in a locked container at all times. NEVER LEAVE MEDICAITON IN A CHILD’S DIAPER BAG OR CUBBY. There is a lock box for medication in every classroom. There is also a lock box for refrigerated medication at each center.
  • The medication authorization form must be filled out COMPLETELY before we will administer any medication. The teacher in the classroom will help the parent fill out the medication form and will have the Director or Assistant Director review each form.
  • All medication boxes will be cleaned out every Friday and all medications will be sent home. Building Blocks will dispose of any medication left by the close of business each Friday afternoon.
  • Over the counter medication will be administered provided the same criteria are met. Also, in the case of over the counter medication, we will NOT deviate from the printed directions on the container. For example, if the container states “under 2, consult physician” we will not be able to administer that medication without written instructions from a physician.
  • Prescription medication that is to be administered one or two times a day needs to be administered at home. Building Blocks will not administer medication unless it is prescribed by a physician to be given three or more times per day. In this case, we will only administer the doses not able to be given at home in the morning and/or evening.
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