Building Blocks provides a well-rounded program designed for children from birth to 12 years of age. Our goals for each and every child at Building blocks are:

  • Ensuring a happy and carefree transition from the home environment
  • Setting the stage for the happiest, most productive and self-fulfilling environment possible
  • Stimulating development of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative skills
  • Building a sense of confidence and self-worth
  • Encouraging leadership, independence, self-respect and self-reliance
  • Offering challenging learning experiences that foster curiosity, a desire for knowledge and a zest for learning
  • Connecting from the program to the home and involving other family members in the learning process
  • Providing social experiences with peers and adults to further understanding of human relations and interactions
  • Instilling in the child respect for the feelings, beliefs, rights and actions of others
  • Stressing the value of friendship, teamwork, community and culture
  • Teaching the acceptable outlets for the expression of disagreement or negative emotions
  • Explaining the need for routines, rules, and regulations to protect health and safety
  • Striving toward self-discipline and self-evaluation
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